Monday, November 17, 2014

get your felt on

I have surprised myself with a new interest. When I was at the European Patchwork Convention in Marie St. Aux Mines in September, I started to fall in love with a lot of crafts made with felt. Since then, I have started a few projects, because you can never have too many projects in the works. I even finished one!


This is a cupcake needle/embroidery case for my daughter. I picked up this pattern from a lovely lady from Budapest. Unfortunately, the seller does not have a website. ;-(

A few months back, I was on the hunt for a while for the perfect needle case that would accommodate the scissors without falling out as well as different sized needles. I thought this was a perfect fit as soon as I saw it - and it is sooo cute! We both really enjoyed decorating it. You can see my daughters lovely seed stitching on the scissor compartment.

She enjoyed it so much, we decided to start another project - this time for Christmas.

I found this lovely free pattern to make felt owls that measure about three inches! You can use them as ornaments or as decoration on your presents. My DD and I picked out the colors one at a time for each individual owl. She told me there were baby owls and Mama owls too. There is a very special one in her colors that we keep! Can you figure it out? This is such a great project for kids!! If you like felt, check it out!

What I really like about working with felt is the travelability. (Is that a word?) You don't have to turn on your sewing machine to do these. That can really come in handy - just take a long.

What are you working on for Christmas? Have you been staying in touch with Ho, ho, ho and on We Sew? If you haven't there are still some projects you can get done before the Christmas rush.

Happy felting!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

pillow swap four seasons - come join us!

Do you like to decorate your home according to the seasons? Do you like seasonal pillows for your sofa or love seat? Do you love to sew for others and and be surprised yourself? Then we have an exciting new program for you - an international pillow case swap according to the seasons!

My friend Sandra, aka hohenbrunnerquilterin, and I are teaming up to bring you an exciting and challenging pillow swap. We are committed to hostessing and cheering you on as you design and show off your entire creative process of patchwork design.

How does the swap work? You have the chance to sew a pillow case for a secret partner using basically any "sewing" method around. To help you understand your partner, he/she will make an inspirational mosaic of things that they like according to the season and upload to flickr. You in turn, will also create a mosaic for the person who is creating a pillow case for you. These do not have to be pillows, but things to help you see your swap partner's style and taste. Remember, your swap partner will not be sewing for you in return, but someone else. Everyone has a different to and from parnter..sort of like a secret Santa exchange. You are not allowed under any circumstances to reveal your partner nor contact them until the "Secret List" is revealed!We want to keep it interesting.

The pillow swap takes place four times a year, spring, summer, fall and winter, so you will have the chance to get a new partner and be surprised every season. A new season, a new partner. It is your task to make a pillow case related to the season by use of color, design, motifs, holidays, etc. If you are a fall-type of person, then just sign up for the fall swap. Don't like the springtime? Then join for winter! Just keep the sign up dates marked on your calendar.

How did all of this start? I have been a member of the Doll Quilt Monthly swap for over a year now. It is very exciting designing mini quilts for others, and I wanted to extend the fun with seasonal yet functional patchwork designs. I have known about the pillow swaps on the Net, but they seem to be always full or per "invitation only." Our group is open to everyone of all skill levels. Everyone has a chance to participate!!

Are you ready to play? Registration begins the first of December for the spring swap 2015. After you have signed up, you will have three months to design your pillow case for your secret partner using the information he/she provides the pillow swap four seasons group via flickr. This is entirely organized and presented through flickr, so you must have a flickr account to play. Are you game? Then read more about it here on flickr. Keep in mind, you will have to agree to the rules before you are allowed to play. Don't forget, registration opens the first of December. I am so excited...I hope to see everyone there!!

If you don't want to play but would like to support our group, you can always grab our button and post on your blog or website. We are really going to wow your socks off!

The easiest was I find to add a blinkie to your blog is to right click on the icon and copy the address. Link the image to the URL. That simple! Add the flickr address for redirection, of course. If that's too complicated, you can always go to Sandra's site. She does it with a html tag.

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing on you on the Pillow Swap Four Seasons!

Friday, November 7, 2014

more sneak peeks

When I was in France last month at the European Quilt Convention, I found something that sparked my interest terribly - FELT! I have made things from felt before like a mobile phone case, but I sewed it together with the sewing machine not by hand. (If there is an easier way to make it, I am all for it.) I found this really cute sewing and needle kit made in felt. I couldn't resist, because I have been scouting around for that perfect needle case for a while now. So I bought it!! I loved it so much, I returned the next day to the same stand to buy a different felt kit and a gorgeous variegated floss. I pulled out this book, because it is one of two that I bought a few years ago to learn how to embroider. It is not as hard as I thought!!

I hope you stay tuned for the outcome. It might be a little "primitive," but a girl has to start somewhere!

And another sneak peek - I worked on the perfect wrist needle pin cushion. It is simple to make and doesn't need added stabilizing in the bottom for the pins. I went into production and made them for all of the participants of the Patchwork in the Peaks in Morzine, France last month as well.

They turned out very nice and are quite easy to make. They are great as stocking stuffers at Christmas or a quick birthday gift for a sewing friend. I hope to have a pattern for it soon in my Craftsy shop.

Thanks for dropping by!

Friday, October 31, 2014

halloween goody

Happy Halloween Everyone!! If you have little kids at home, I wish you loads of fun if you go trick or treating. If you don't, and you hand out candy, have fun looking at all of the creative costumes all those hard working mothers put together. If you are still in the spirit, here is a little goody for you. My Halloween Goody is a little paper piecing row of pumpkins finishing at 4" x 12".

My challenge to you - print out these paper pieced templates and make something with them by November 20th, 2014. Send me a picture of what you made using "Friendly Pumpkins" in the header. I will post all pictures online. One lucky Halloween (or sewing) enthusiast will randomly win this lovely handmade zippered pouch using Zen Chic fabrics. It is that simple!

You can jump on over to Craftsy to download the free pattern at my easypatchwork store. You can use the appliqué templates provided or you may create your own. Have fun with it. And if NO ONE makes something to show or share with us, I will be quite content, because I love my Zen Chic Zippered Sewing Pouch and really don't want to part with it!!

Have fun and Happy Halloween!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

fall spirit

I have discovered that the month of October is flying by. Where has the time gone? Even though I am very busy this month I am still getting in my sewing time which makes for a happy woman. I am totally in the fall spirit and with it, sewing leaves in all different shapes and styles. It first started with my paper pieced Autumn Leaf and kept on going.

I made the one below for our Quilt Group. The lovely and charming, Marianne, presented it for the month of October. It will be the last in our series of our mystery quilts celebrating our 20th anniversary of the Nersinger Patchworkers. Eight of the members presented a block for all of us to try sewing and incorporate into the mystery quilt. I tried to use all the different fabrics that I used throughout the quilt to give it a little bit of unity in the end. We'll see how it all turns out or if I have to resew a block or two...I certainly hope not! ;-)

And shortly before I made this colorful leaf, I decided to go simple this month with my Doll Quilt Swap partner and make a variegated table runner in a more modern color scheme. Was I successful? There is a peachy color in there! Is it modern? I like the playfulness of using somewhat of a "traditional" fabric on one side and a more "modern" fabric on the other. I like it! I managed a little outline quilting (straight line of course). I thought about FMQ, but I didn't want to mess it up. ;-) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

How is your fall going? Are you in the fall spirit? Is it windy and rainy where you are? Or is the sun shining and giving your that gorgeous orange glow? What do you like about autumn?
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