Tuesday, March 3, 2015

pillow swap four seasons - summer edition

Hello everyone! I was looking forward to a nice, quiet morning of sewing on my advanced sampler when I was reminded by my co-host, Sandra aka Hohenbrunnerquilterin, from Pillow Swap Four Seasons that sign-ups for the summer edition have opened! Yahoo!! Are you ready to join in the fun? Let's party on for summer!

I created a new blinkie size 240 x 240 pixels in gif format to paste on your blog or website to show your support. It will decrease to 150 x 150 pixels. Please use the html tag listed below to copy and paste onto your page:

<div align="center"><a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/2730349@N24/" title="Pillow Swap Four Seasons"><img src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-bfVKKbWTwUM/VPVxtHfusYI/AAAAAAAAC2U/9q80ISMA-3o/s1600/pillowswap_blinkie_240.gif" alt="Pillow Swap Four Seasons" width="150" height="150" border="0" /></a></div>

What's the group about? We are an international group of patchworkers and sewists who love to make pillows according to the seasons. Our swap is "secret" so you don't know who your partner is - the person who sews for you. You, on the other hand, make a mosaic of pillows, colors, ideas that you like about summer. This will help your secret partner tailor to your expectations wishes!! Does it sound interesting?

For the complete "skivey" on information you can click on the Pillow Swap Four Seasons tab in the tab bar or go to the Flickr Group. Because this is solely a Flickr experience, we would like you to participate whole heartily with comments, opinions, ideas, questions....general support of each other. Please don't commit unless you are fully committed!! That way, you really receive a pillow according to your tastes, but still secretly! It is really loads of fun!

Please check out all of the wonderful pillows made by our participants! I honestly cannot pick ONE as a favorite, because they are all unique! There are some pillows that were extensively hand sewn with hexagons, Oma Tam, I am talking about you! and then there are others that are beautifully paper pieced with two totally differently designs on the front and back, greatbrittan66 - I mean you!! All of the pillows are GORGEOUS! AND I MEAN ALL OF THEM! I have yet to receive MY pillow, and I am sure that will be the most gorgeous of all!! There is such a high level of quality and creativity in the group, you must stop by!

And to show you what my interests for the summer swap are, here is my mosaic!

My Pillow Swap Four Seasons - Summer Inspiration - www.flickr.com/groups/2730349@N24/

1. Rollin' Along, 2. dqs7 quilt, 3. strawberries, 4. Pure Color, 5. Summer Cocktail for Tamiko, 6. Mermaid Pillow, 7. Quilted waves, 8. splash, 9. 'Vespa Scooter v.2' PP pattern (1), 10. Ice Cream Man Pillow, 11. Last Strawberry, 12. Beach, 13. Watermelons

Does are swap look intriguing to you? I hope it does!! I also hope you sign up for the next round. Registration started yesterday, March 2nd and runs through March March 12, 2015! Please take the time to read the rules and general guidelines before you register! ;-) Then, follow the link that will take you to a formula on Sandra's blog. Simply fill out the form! Then start looking for inspiration or ideas for your mosaic, create and upload to the group!!

I look forward to seeing all my old friends as well as lots of new faces! ;-)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

project sewing room: storage bins and totes

Were you curious to know if this was still an topic with me or that I ditched the subject? Although I haven't posted in a looong time, it is still a part of my ongoing series called project sewing room - "rund ums Nähzimmer." My other posts are about sorting your fabric and making a cutting/project table from an Ikea bookshelf. Today I want to talk about organization in storage boxes and totes.

Free tutorial from Forth Worth Fabric Studio
I recently re-organized my fabric cabinet and bought some plastic totes to store my fabrics. I wasn't totally happen with my fabrics flying around in my cabinet. I get pretty lazy sometimes when it comes to putting fabric back to the right spot. I thought a plastic basket or tote would be a good solution for storing my fabrics away in the cabinet, not getting dusty but could be pulled out easily when I wanted to rummage through a set of colors. I bought a few different sizes and am giving them a try. I should buy about three more, but we'll see how this goes for now.
As you can see, It looks like I have almost no fabric!! Do you believe that? I do, because my stash is slowly getting smaller and smaller. I am finding projects to help me de-stash. Of course, I did get rid of a lot of more "country" or traditional fabrics last fall by donating to another patchwork friend. She really appreciated them too. Now I am generally working in fabric collections and rarely pull from my own stash.

Colder colors are on the top shelf and warmer colors on the second shelf. My larger pieces of fabric are located on the bottom shelf. I keep most of my pre-cuts in other totes where I can grab at them easier for quick projects.

One option to get more organized is simply to buy cheap plastic totes. My new ones are stackable without lids. Since they are hidden in the cabinet, I thought that would be an overkill. I just wanted more of a quick in/out solution.

Another creative way to organize is to make your own totes or boxes. I have always loved the Ikea boxes and wanted to make them for the top shelf of my bookshelf/cabinet. I had this really great modern fabric in my stash which is a heavy woven made in England. I thought my shelf could use a bit of color and pulled it out. I managed to make my box with the dimensions 9 x 9 x 15 inches. It should have been 9 x 15 x 15, but the designer screwed up!!

It didn't seem as stable as it should have been, so I looked around the house and found my milk container box that holds 12 cartons of milk. It fit perfectly for more stability! I completely winged this pattern "freie Schnauze." But there are loads of great patterns out there!

If you are looking for some storage for holding your different types of fleece, wadding or batting, you can make this upright basket! We made it in our patchowrk group meeting this past month. You can find free directions with pattern here. The directions are in GERMAN! Die Anleitung ist in deutsch geschrieben, juhu!

I found this great little tutorial from the Forth Worth Fabric Studio for portable fabric tote.. I have honestly never made a basket tote, so this was very exciting for me! I did a pretty good job too, if I am allowed to say that.

I think if I make another one, I will either put the handles on the ends, or sew them down in the top stitching seam. I don't really like how they flap around. Check out my perfect side seam! ;-) Don't look at the quilting lines, just the green part. ;-)

I thought this could come in handy when a new baby is around...maybe for diapers, wipes, talcum powder/creme, etc. It matches the quilt in the background that I have been working on. The top is finished, I just have to quilt it. I am looking forward to that next week.

Have you made any good storage totes or boxes that you would like to share with us? If you have please drop us a note so we all can profit! Thanks for stopping by.

What did I learn this week? Making boxes and totes can be a lot of fun!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

swappin' mug rugs

Recently, I developed an interest in creating mug rugs. This is a smaller version of a miniature quilt or doll quilt. I made a lot of miniature quilts over the last two years and was in a doll quilt swap. I decided to op out, because because of my own commitment to our Pillow Swap Four Seasons. But I still have a need to "create with a theme." I love to be challenged and think!! When I discovered a mug rug swap that was upcoming and not already full, I jumped all over it! It is now full but check it out for an array of beautiful mug rug inspiration at Forth Worth Fabric Studio.

For me it is still unclear how big a mug rug is supposed to be, but I think between 4 x 6 and 6 x 8 inches. Sometimes I go a little overboard and make it a little larger. I just change the name to a mini-placemat or an XL mug rug. No matter what you call it, I think it would be used AND appreciated. Sometimes I wonder about the miniature doll quilts if anyone really does something with it. Oh, sorry, a tangent...back to my post.

My challenge, create a "spring" mug rug. That's pretty simple. I first worked on my swarm of bees! I love the paper pieced bee, but the colors of yellow, gray, black aren't very springy! I love the color palette, but not very springy, is it?

So I remembered I wanted to try out the Dresden plates featured throughout my lastest edition of the Quiltmaker. I have never made Dresdens and wanted to try out the technique. I also found a QAL featured by McCalls Quilting featuring something really good....mini Dresdens!! I love minis!! In the background you can see my freshly (sometimes) ironed and folded laundry. My sewing space doubles as the family laundry mart. ;-)

I cut enough scraps using the Dainty Dresden template from Lesson 8 (great for 1½ inch strips and scraps) and 12 plates of the larger Dresden template (Template C from Dancing Dresdens) from 2½ inch scraps. I had a lot of fun going through my scraps too. I de-stashed a lot of the darker colors and had a great mix of colorful fabrics to choose from. I tried to stay in a turquoise/yellow/pink/green colorway.

After you get the little cuties cut out, you sew them together on the longer side, RST. I chain pieced in a snap using a smaller stitch length, backstitching at the start and stop. It is worth the extra time. The pieces are really dainty, but I find it relaxing to take my time. 

Then you snip the bulk off the tips where you will turn them right side out and press. Just take your time and don't stress. They go together very easily.

Now the watch them shrink in size! Sew them all together! The little ones make three inch Dresdens! How cute! You know I am a sucker for anything mini! I think the larger ones make five inch Dresdens. I didn't measure.

I had the idea of making flowers with them. I wanted to use all of them, but there simply wasn't enough room on the 6 x 8 inch backing fabric. I would have to use the smaller ones or...let one jump right out of the mug rug!! That's a great idea, Karen! The challenge was the binding. I would have to construct it, so the flower would not be disturbed by the binding. I decided to make my binding as border strips and pull to the backside. It worked! I also hand sewed a backing fabric onto the petal the extruded over the mug rug.

I added one of my mini stickers with "easypatchwork" to the yellow petal. I thought about adding more text, but just a hint is also good. I am really pleased with it. It is bright and cheery! I am also looking forward to seeing what my swap partner comes up with. I love swappin'!

What did I learn this week? Don't short cut your binding. I prefer single fold or double-fold binding, not border strips. ;-) They were a headache for me and didn't really turn out the way I wanted them to.

Are you looking forward to spring? What are you making that is springy? I'd like to hear from you!
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